Mark your calendars!

The 2018 Annual Logganiko Society Glendi at Angelica's

will be on November 17th, 2018! 


LOGGANIKOSOCIETY logoThe aim of our Society is the cultivation of mutual regard and esteem between its members and the granting in every way possible, of moral and material support and aid to the members in need, especially in the case of sickness.

Since then, the Society has fulfilled the goals of our Founders and have performed many charitable functions as well as helping Logganiko, our mother village in Greece.

The Logganiko Picnic held on July 23rd, 2017 was a great success!
Everyone that came had a wonderful time and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.
Thank you to everyone that stopped by!

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logganiko society ipswich 1915

The Greek immigrants Logganiko Society of Ipswich, circa 1915.  Photo courtesy of Ipswich Museum



 Mass immigration of young Greek men to the United States began in 1880 and continued into the early twentieth century. Working long hours, they were able to send millions of dollars to their families in Greece.

This photo was found on the Ipswich Museum website by Jim Sotis! Thanks, Jim!


If anyone can identify the people in the photo, please contact us! 

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